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What is Rawlplug Resin and how to use it?

20 July 2023

What is Rawlplug Resin?


What is resin? It is a question we get asked a lot, so in conjunction with fixing experts Fix and Fast we created this helpful guide.

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Rawlplug resin is a type of adhesive material designed to anchor and secure fixtures into concrete, brickwork, and masonry.

It is made from a combination of two components: the resin and the hardener. Mix these components and they form a strong chemical bond that firmly attaches objects to the base material.

Anchor studs are then required to be inserted into the resin and tightened before the resin sets.

What are the Different Types of Resin Available


There are various types of resin available, each catering to specific applications and material requirements. Here are some common types:

Vinylester Resin: Ideal for applications where a high load-bearing capacity is required. It offers excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for use in damp conditions, making it perfect for outdoor installations or areas with exposure to moisture.

Epoxy Acrylate Resin: This type of resin is versatile and well-suited for both cracked and non-cracked concrete. It has a relatively shorter curing time, allowing for quicker installations. Epoxy acrylate resin is an excellent choice for indoor applications where temperature and humidity can be controlled.

Polyester Resin: Polyester resin is an economical option suitable for light to medium-duty applications. While it may not offer the same load capacity as vinylester or epoxy acrylate, it is still a reliable choice for various projects.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Resin: MMA resin is known for its quick curing properties and exceptional performance even at low temperatures. It is an excellent choice for projects where time is of the essence.

Which Rawlplug Resin is the best to use ?


You must select the correct resin and anchor bolt suitable for the substrate you are anchoring to. Though there are a few that are the ‘go to’ resins. R KEM II is a popular resin due to the fact it can be used in non cracked concrete and also natural stone. R-KF 2 is popular due to it’s ability to be used multiple times.

R-KEM II is the most convenient general purpose bonded anchor system. It is a long lasting anchor system with a working life of up to 100 years. Available in three colours. Standard, Stone and Grey. It’s ideal for for applications where mechanical anchors are not suitable.


R-KF 2 is an economical fixing resin suitable for medium duty load applications. It is suitable for repetitive use as a partly used product can be reused by fitting a new mixing nozzle.


How Do You Install Resin Anchors


You have selected the resin, now for the fun bit!…

Drill hole to the required diameter and depth for stud size being used.

Clean the drill hole with brush and hand pump at least four times before installation.

Insert cartridge into gun and attach nozzle.

Dispense to waste until even colour is obtained.

Insert the mixer nozzle to the bottom of the drill hole and inject rawlplug resin, slowly withdrawing the nozzle as the hole is filled to 70% of its depth.

Immediately insert the stud, slowly and with slight twisting motion. Remove any excess resin around the hole before it sets and leave it undisturbed until the curing time elapses.

Attach fixture and tighten the nut to the required torque


Can a Standard Caulking Gun Be Used to Apply Resin?


One common misconception is that a standard caulking gun can be used to apply Rawlplug resin.

However, this is not the case. Rawlplug resin requires a specialised dispensing tool, such as a resin gun, to ensure accurate mixing and proper application. These dispensing tools are designed to handle the two-component resin mixture and ensure the right proportions are delivered for effective bonding.

Cartridge Gun available from


Where can I purchase Rawlplug Resin?


Rawlplug resin anchors have revolutionised the way we secure objects to various surfaces, providing unmatched strength and reliability. Understanding the different types of resin available for various applications is crucial to achieving optimal results. Remember, always use the right dispensing tool to apply the resin correctly.

For all your Rawlplug resin anchor needs you can purchase direct from us at FR Scott. Shop in our trade counter, over the phone or online via . A leading online supplier of high-quality construction materials and fasteners.

Next time you embark on a DIY project or professional construction task, use Rawlplug resin anchors for a robust and durable solution that will stand the test of time.

For more information contact our team at FR Scott on 01482 324731 or by emailing

All information correct at time of publication – We always recommend understanding the very latest product specifications and updates which can be found on the Rawlplug website

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